Infuriate is a band that recently popped up on my radar. I saw an ad with awesome art and the phrase "for those missing the golden era of brutal death metal!" and "for fans of Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm, Suffocation, and Inveracity." Needless to say, my late 90s early 2000's death metal eyes perked up at this. I had to listen immediately.

The band formed in 2015 in Austin TX with members of Sarcolytic, Sect of Execration, Images of Violence, and more. Somehow, I'm only hearing about them now, completely missed their demo. I'm very glad that I saw that ad because it lives up to that hype.

The self titled debut is without a doubt a throwback to the mentioned era of brutal death. They take the best of their prior bands, above mentioned bands, and throw it into a blender with a modern twist. The vibe is gives, I say the album could have been titled Unique Leaders of the Past. This album would EASILY have fit in perfectly with that label's classic roster.

All of that said, this album really doesn't sound dated and it's not just an aped throwback of regurgitated riffs from their influences. It is a brutal, unrelenting, sick riff after sick riff album that grabs you by the throat for 29 minutes and beats your ass every step of the way.

This is a perfect debut album that will hopefully garner them AND Everlasting Spew Records the notoriety they deserve. It is pure brutal death metal with the right amount of technicality and not an overly processed gimmick machine. If you've been longing for someone to capture the so-called "golden era sound" then please, look no further than Infuriate.